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Efficient and cost effective solutions for business continuity and extreme availability on private or hybrid wide area networks Sunesis IPVPN balances load and provides reliability among multiple managed and CPE based VPNs as well as dedicated private networks. Sunesis IPVPN can also provide you an easy low-cost migration path from private line, Frame or Point-to-Point networks. You can aggregate multiple private, MPLS and public networks without additional equipment at the provider's site.

Sunesis IPVPN gives you the option of using a CPE based VPN or a managed VPN service as a backup to your frame relay or private line. IPVPN also works with multiple managed VPN service providers when you want to backup a managed service with another managed service as part of your Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery plan.

Sunesis IPVPN is the only product of its kind that works with multiple managed VPN services from multiple providers, CPE based VPNs, and private lines to achieve the highest level of reliability, redundancy, speed, and security for interoffice data transmissions

76% of businesses surveyed expressed that the risk of business interruption drives them to implement a Business Continuity Plan Source: Aberdeen Group, 80% of executives said it was more important to their organization to have an information infrastructure that is always available rather than being able to recover after a business disruption Source Continuity Central.com based on a study by Beacon Technology Partners

51% of businesses surveyed are driven to create and implement Business Continuity plans because they are fearful of a loss of critical data due to an unexpected disruption in communications

The main contributors to Network Downtime are:

  • Link Failures (fiber cuts, network congestion) - 32%
  • Router Failure (software / hardware faults, denial-of-service attacks) - 23%
  • Router Maintenance (software and hardware upgrades, configuration errors) 36%
  • Miscellaneous Failure - 9%

  • Aggregates Private, MPLS, Frame Lines and Internet Connections - You can backup a private network with a managed service or migrate from frame to a managed network
  • Business Continuity - Supports multi-homing connections over multiple ISPs without the need to make significant changes to your network infrastructure, providing intelligent and automatic failover for business continuity
  • Additional Security with Sunesis's Patented MPSec - Provides up to nine times more security, making it virtually impossible for intruders to trap and decrypt information transmitted over your VPN
  • Easy Installation and Management - IPVPN works with your existing VPN infrastructure, and does not require expensive routers with programming capabilities. It can utilize any combination of any type of lines and is easy to install and manage using its intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Complete Inbound Redundancy with Sunesis SmartDNS - Patent-pending technology intelligently balances load across all available lines and provides for redundancy of inbound traffic
  • Dynamic Bandwidth Utilization - Select from several load balancing methods including Fastest Route, Weighted, and Spillover Load Balancing
  • Increased Bandwidth - Aggregate multiple connections of similar or dissimilar speeds without BGP programming, saving you money, time and resources. Get up to 10Gbps - 40Gbps speed
  • No ISP Involvement - IPVPN can utilize lines from separate ISPs without their cooperation
  • Basic Firewall - You can Allow or Deny traffic matching an inbound or outbound policy rule
  • Session or Packet Based Load Balancing - Choose to keep traffic on a single MPSec path per session or spread them across multiple paths