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Sunesis provides Multi Point virtual private network (MPVPN) which is a secure network that exchanges data between sites without needing to pass traffic through an organization's headquarter virtual private network (VPN) server or router. MPVPN, a patented router clustering device, is an essential part of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning for Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity.

Sunesis MPVPN makes any VPN up to 900% more secure and 300% times more reliable, redundant and faster. MPVPN can take WANs with an uptime of 99.5% or less and make them 99.99% or higher, providing a virtually infallible WAN.

  • 76% of businesses surveyed expressed that the risk of business interruption drives them to implement a Business Continuity Plan
  • 80% of executives said it was more important to their organization to have an information infrastructure that is always available rather than being able to recover after a business disruption
  • 51% of businesses surveyed are driven to create and implement Business Continuity plans because they are fearful of a loss of critical data due to an unexpected disruption in communication
  • Link Failures (fiber cuts, network congestion) - 32%
  • Router Failure (software / hardware faults, denial-of-service attacks) - 23%
  • Router Maintenance (software and hardware upgrades, configuration errors) - 36%
  • Miscellaneous Failure - 9%

MPVPN dynamically balances load over multiple lines and ISPs without the need for BGP programming. MPVPN aggregates up to 10Gbps - 40Gbps of bandwidth, giving you all the reliability and speed you need to keep your VPN up and running despite failures of service, line, software, or hardware.

Sunesis MPVPN aggregates two or more data lines of any type and in any combination to provide the highest levels of security, redundancy, and speed for VPNs. Sunesis MPVPN enables a high level of fault tolerance and reliability for your VPN using patented technology that keeps your mission-critical VPN up and running.

Security of data transmission is increased up to nine times with Sunesis's patented MPSec™ technology. MPSec breaks each encrypted data stream down to the packet level, and then sends the packets over multiple connections and reassembles the packets at the receiving end. MPSec makes it virtually impossible for hackers or intruders to trap data and decrypt confidential information.

Sunesis MPVPN add-on features enhance the reliability of your VPN further. Sunesis VPN Site Failover is a clear fit for companies with Disaster Recovery sites as it can failover VPN traffic from one site to another for excellent, real-time Business Continuity. You can also create and configure VPN tunnels from the MPVPN using the Sunesis VPN feature. It comes with the ability to automatically failover tunnels between a main site and mobile users, also known as "Road Warriors", for the ultimate in business continuity planning

  • Additional Security with Sunesis's patented MPSec - Provides up to nine times more security, making it virtually impossible for intruders to trap and decrypt information transmitted over your VPN
  • Complete Inbound Redundancy with Sunesis SmartDNS - Patent-pending technology intelligently balances load across all available lines and provides for redundancy of inbound traffic
  • Dynamic Bandwidth Utilization - Select from several load balancing methods including Fastest Route, Weighted, and Spillover Load Balancing
  • Increased Bandwidth - Aggregate multiple connections of similar or dissimilar speeds without BGP programming, saving you money, time and resources. Get up to 10Gbps - 40Gbps speed
  • Business Continuity - Supports multi-homing connections over multiple ISPs without the need to make significant changes to your network infrastructure, providing the intelligent and automatic failover you need for Business Continuity
  • Aggregates Multiple Lines Without ISP Involvement - Unlike BGP, MPVPN can utilize lines such as MPLS, cable, ADSL, wireless, from separate ISPs without their cooperation
  • Easy Installation and Management - MPVPN works with your existing VPN infrastructure, and does not require expensive routers with programming capabilities. It can utilize any combination of any type of lines and is easy to install and manage using its intuitive graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Policy Routing - Provides Administrators the tools to direct routing criteria based on application, port or IP. Use the Policy Routing Rule Scheduler to program policy routes within your specified timeframe, scheduling policies to activate or deactivate at specified times and days of the week
  • Basic Firewall - You can Allow or Deny traffic matching an inbound or outbound policy rule
  • Full WARP functionality - MPVPN incorporates all of the features and benefits of Sunesis WARP