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Solar Power System

Sunesis Solar power system works on basic principles of energy conversion – conversion of light energy (in case of Solar PV system) to electric energy or conversion of Heat energy (in case of Solar Thermal system) HOW A PV SOLAR POWER SYSTEM WORKS: A Photovoltaic (PV) Solar power system consists of many solar Photovoltaic Panels called modules. Each of these panels have PV cells arranged in an array. Each PV cell comprises of two layers of semiconductors, commonly made of silicon. Each of these layers are doped with different materials such as Boron and Phosphorous. When the cell is connected to positive and negative sides forming an electrical circuit and when light energy strikes the cell, electrons from the electron rich layer is knocked off from the atoms and flows to the electron deficient layer. Thus, an electric field is created between the layers producing the DC current. This DC current is then converted into AC current using inverters. A typical solar power system uses this AC current to run the basic load (equipment & appliances). Any excess power generated can either be fed back to the grid or stored in battery.